PageRank Network is a free PHP script that lets you to run a fully automated, reciprical links exchange network on your website. (See the working demo on this page).

It allows other webmasters to sign-up for your link exchange, checks their site meets the minimum PageRank requirements and that your link is recipricated on their page, before it can be added.

The PageRank Network script is considered "Linkware". If you use it, you are required to leave our text link at the bottom of your sign-up box. By removing this link, you are violating our licensing agreement.

What is PageRank?

PageRank is Google's way of determining how important a webpage is, based on the importance, (or PageRank), of the pages that link to it.

Sites which have lots of links pointing to them, (or 'backlinks'), have a higher PageRank than sites which have little or no backlinks.

The more important, (or higher PageRank), the page is that links to your site, the more weight or PageRank it carries.

For example, 1 link from PR5 page is worth as much as nearly 1,000 links from PR1 pages.

At PageRankNetwork we help to link together sites that have good PageRank, in order to increase the importants of each other's sites.

Only sites that have a page rank are allowed to join in our Reciprocal Link Exchange program.

Webmasters, check your site's PageRank here, and determine whether you are able to take advantage of our Backlink Exchange Program.

Working Demo

Join our Network!

Your site must have a PageRank 2+, and you must add our link before submitting your site.

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